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Mission, Vision and Community

Mission:  The Kustom Kush mission is to provide quality products that cater to everyone needs, whether they are medical or non-medical.

Vision:  Being cancer survivors, the products Kustom Kush brings in-house are selected based on what our patients are looking for to relieve pain, anxiety, stress, create hunger and help with sleep disorders.  If there are any products that are requested Kustom Kush staff will Kustomize the experience by special ordering products and making sure we are meeting customer demand.

Community:  Kustom Kush supports community events that specifically support wellness, health, and education initiatives.  We provide education, share our knowledge and support local events that share the same goals, mission and vision that we share.  We support local charitities and host events that align with community wellness.


About Kustom Kush

Born and raised in New Mexico, our family business prides itself on working with other local growers and manufacturers, to ensure that only the best quality products are selected. 

Our dispensary and lounge offer a large array of products to select from and no one can deny the quality and rich Burqueño flavor that is unlike any other dispensary.

Our lounge offers not only great cannabis products, but we have the BEST VIBE IN THE 5-0-5, with live entertainment and events.

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